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The cattlewatch app

The Cattlewatch® Mobile Application is made readily for you in Playstore and on iStore however, you will need the whole infrastructure (Tower with Gateway to connect to the Lora Network and Collar tags) for the mobile application to function. Once the infrastructure is set up by our team an account for you will be created in the Cattlewatch System where all the data will stored and retrieved from. You will then be able to login with the login and manage your livestock on your personal smartphone device.

There will be a user manual that you will be given to you that will guide you through navigating through the mobile application and use it's full features. The mobile application is equipped with features such as:, ,

  • Alerting you if there's anything happening to your animal that might need your attention
  • Individual animal information
  • Navigate to Animal
  • Automated counting
  • and send drone, which is an additional premium service

Mobile Application

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