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Cattlewatch Africa -A Technology Company


About Our collars

Our product is the State-of-the art remote monitoring / IoT solution that allows farmers of small and large cattle herds to manage their stock more effectively. Cattle Watch develops innovative, state-of-the-art technology in the field of remote monitoring systems / IoT for cattle herds, sheep and goats. The purpose of the system is to prevent animal theft through GPS and Satellite tracking, provides early theft warning as well as GeoFencing to prevent animals straying out of the designated grazing area. The system provides an easy and automated animal counting technology that makes it even easy for farmers to count a large number of stock in a a matter of minutes and is able to monitor the health of animals and help curb the spread of diseases. The technology is based on Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Mass Data algorithms and Cattle-Watch is the only operational system for monitoring cattle herds in the market right now.

  • Early Theft Warning
  • Geo fencing
  • Location and Tracking
  • Automated counting
  • Remote herds and health status